Kissing on the nose.?

ok me and this guy like each other, and when we first met, it was like 12 at night and we drove around for a couple hours and the date/meeting ended with us having sex. Weve been having sex for the past couple months and every time were having sex, he'll make out alott with me and kiss me on the nose. what does the kiss on the nose mean?!? like seriously. the only reason he said he doesn't want to date is cause I live too far away. but he drives over to see me most days of the week, and its not even 15 minutes.


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  • well I'd say he's using you for sex or just wants a "friends with benefits." been there done that. and I think that you living too far away - especially since it's not even 15 minutes and he drives there anyways - is just an excuse that he doesn't want a commitment. not sure what the kissing on the nose means though.

    • Bingo!! The only thing I can add to this is that kissing nose doesn't mean anything in particular. Sometimes I'll kiss my girlfriend on the nose, sometimes on the forehead, neck -- you get the idea. I'm sure he's just trying to switch it up so making out isn't just kissing on the lips over and over again. At any rate though, unless you don't mind that you're being used only for sex, proceed with caution or not at all. I live 15 minutes away from my girlfriend, and I see her all the time! =)

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  • i think that he is just using you for sex.

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