My Girlfriend won't kiss me.

So me and my girlfriend have been going out for a month and the first date we went on she asked, "when was your first kiss?" and I told her that I still have my first kiss, and she goes "oh, I see you kind of differently now, good different" and today we were hanging out at the book store and we were at the window sill, she was sitting down while I was standing up. So she wrapped her arms around me.. like she has been doing these pass few days and our faces were close, so she kissed my cheek (for the first time). And I tried going in for the kiss but she back off really fast. Whenever id kiss her cheek, she'd wipe it off, once saying " stop trying to eat me, cannibalism"

The thing is were not comfortable with each other. We do what ordinary couples do that aren't uncomfortable with each other.

And she would keep touching her nose with my nose whenever she is close to my face, What's going on? Then when we were on the train station waiting for our train, she kissed my cheek again saying "happy?"

She has kissed guys before, but I haven't kissed a girl before.

She also asked me, why did I want to kiss her. I didn't answer.
And by comfortable, for example, I think today I was grabbing her ass when I was holding her. I'd also hold her by her waist all the time. She even sat on my penis today. (all when we were just sitting down at the book store for 2 hrs)
told her I was sorry that I tried to kiss her, and she said "noo, its not that. Just that I didn't want to today, my mood sometimes relate to the weather, crappy weather = crappy mood" and today it was raining and the sky was darker than usual.


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  • Maybe she just likes being difficult. Some girls like being hard to deal with when it comes to being with their boyfriend. I don't know why, it's just the way things work for them. Try kissing her when it's really pretty outside. If she still tries to avoid you, there might be something else going on with her.

    • I don't think ill try and kiss her again.

      Would it really happen though? I mean, like the weather effecting if you want to kiss or not. Keep in mind that I've never kissed a girl before and she knows this. She has kissed guys before. Is this just another excuse or does it actually happen?

    • Yeah, some people are effected by the weather. Sometimes when it's sucky weather a girl can start to feel moody (especially if she prefers sunny days and detests rain or snow). I know one girl who is bitchy and standoffish in the winter, but little miss sunshine any other time of the year (very weird to me, but it's who she is). This doesn't mean it happens to every girl, sometimes it's an excuse. You probably won't learn whether she's lying or not until you spend more time with her.

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  • she's trying to turn you on as much as possible

    so when she kisses you it'll be very special for you

    that's what I'm guessing

    don't try to kiss her again

    she'll kiss you ;)

    • That's exactly what I plan on doing. But your explanation doesn't make sense. She turned me down when I tried though.

    • It does make sense if you think about it

  • Ok... wait till its sunny out then.

    • Are there girls out there actually like this or.. just another excuse?

  • It sounds like maybe she really hasn't kissed a guy before and she is nervous about it. Are you sure she's never kissed anyone? Maybe she is embarrassed to admit it.

    • Ive never kissed anyone before, and she has, she told me.