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What are the pros to dating a musician?

Cause im not seeing any. Okay well i mean yea, he could romantically serenade me if im bored or sad... and he's offered to teach me how to play. Okay and im totally gonna make him learn to play all of my favorite songs. But other than that, If he becomes famous, he’ll often be on the road. I’ll have to deal with those horrible ass groupies. He already never stops playing his fcking guitar. Yes, I love the sound of an electric guitar in comparison to an acoustic. But shit... giving me 30 mins of talk and 3 hours of guitar play is fcking annoying! Plus he only likes rock and country. Thats nice and all, but i like other genres too man. Thankfully he can't sing for shit cause i’d hate to date another one of those. The guy last year never shut tf Up. I wanted to plug his mouth with a marshmallow. Im tempted to ghost before the New Year rings in 👀 But i’ll try to be the bigger person and just secretly want to smash his guitar into a million pieces...
What are the pros to dating a musician?
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