I almost kissed my best friend tonight!

OK so my best friend is a guy and we have been friends since 3rd grade and have never been attracted to each other, on Friday we were hanging out and ended up talking for hours and we started playing the question game (basically truth or truth) and so the last question I asked was "would you ever do anything with me?" it came to mind Because we had been asking questions similar about other people, well he said yes and then he asked it to me and I said I guess... well then we were hanging out today and he said would you want to kiss me and I just froze and didn't know what to do, he leans in to kiss me and I said stop so he did and he said what's wrong and I just couldn't even answer I was just so in shock at what had just happened...i could see on his face that he was hurt and I just feel horrible about it and I said later I will kiss you before we leave and he said OK well when we left we didn't kiss and I texted him saying that I felt so bad about everything and I would have kissed him no doubt as we were leaving that it to me just came as a shock and I wasn't expecting it and he said just forget about it, it never happened, and now he won't respond to me...i feel so bad about everything I know I hurt him and I never wanted to do that...do you think he will ever talk to me again or did I completely mess up and I just lost my friend?


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  • Why would it have been so terrible to kiss your best friend?

    • it wouldn't have been as big of a deal if he hadn't just recently been in a relationship with one of my other good friends and also it hadn't come as such a surprise and also if I felt like he meant it, the way he was acting was like all he was looking for in me was a f*** buddy and I'm not OK with that

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  • he'll probably talk to you again but he got some serious mixed signals from you so I don't think he knows what to think about you anymore until you set the record straight. Until that happens he'll be left to ponder and come up with all kinds of far out conspiracy theories. You just got to tell him that you were confused and didn't know what to do

  • He's probably already tattooed his entire body in hate messages and gone emo. Sorry.. he's lost to the dark side.


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