The guy I’m dating has been to prison. Should I keep dating him despite his bad reputation?

Okay, I’ve started seeing this guy who’s been in prison. He was away for 2 years. It wasn’t for a domestic, murder or anything like that, and that’s the only run in he’s ever had with the law.

We started talking a few months after he got out and he’s pursued me ever since. From the get-go I was extremely hesitant, but I used to know him (he was my mechanic) and he was always a nice guy to me. We started off just as friends, but he did everything he could to sweep me off my feet, and after two months or so, I’m actually starting to really like him.

We go on dates, I’ve met his parents, we spend every weekend together, we go on special outings with his family, and he treats me like an absolute queen. He always answers my calls, listens to my concerns and is always there for me.

The trouble is, we’re both from the same small town. He has a bad rep because he’s been in prison. People know his name without fully understanding or knowing what they’re talking about. I’m not defending him because I know what he did wasn’t okay, but a lot of the rumours are a complete exaggeration and partly made up.

I’ve seen what he’s been charged with, talked to his parole officer, so I know the extent of everything. I guess I’m just basically not sure if this is worth even pursuing because I’m worried my friends or family will never accept him. I brought up his name in front of my cousin and her boyfriend recently, and her boyfriend basically flipped on me because he’s heard the rumours and such.

Also, this guy I’m seeing isn’t a dead beat or anything. He’s a mechanic with a good job and has his shit together.

Is it worth it to keep dating him, or should I cut him loose?
The guy I’m dating has been to prison. Should I keep dating him despite his bad reputation?
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