What can I wear for a double date?

I'm going on a double date to the movies THIS Friday and I don't know what to where:( My best friend is going with her boyfriend and I'm going with my ex (which we might get back together) I want to look really good for my ex but I don't know what to wear? I don't wantto get too much attention from other guys. Its like 100 degrees F outside! HELP! :'(


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  • A cute off the shoulder top would look really nice and you can wear it with any bottoms (shorts, jeans--but jeans are too much for the weather) so I'd say stick with shorts. You can rock it with cute flats or sandals.

    I don't know you hair type but the side hairstyles are cute like : link



    or you can french braid. (to keep hair out of your face cause of the heat & they are casual&cute)

    Rompers are also really cute. (: Good luck


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  • Movies...hmmm...look as casual as possible...

    Don't go with a dress and heels lol...this question...is simple.

    Just wear some shorts..or capris...a v-neck tee...or a pretty blouse..put some eye liner..and lip gloss...striaghten and clean your hair...and put on some flippy-floppys lol...Casual and cute... besides in that weather wtf else can you possibly wear?!

    • oops...i forgot about sun dresses...but they can make girls look preggo...so nahh.

  • It's the movies and it's hot. So I would suggest a cute sun dress because it'll show of your body, it fits the weather and you'll look awesome without looking like you're trying too hard