Best Friend Confessed His Feelings For Me And I Don't Know What To Do?

Me and my best friend have been close since we were children. We've pretty much gone through education and further education together. I see him as a honorary family member, a brother. As far as I knew he felt the same.

However, last night when getting food after a night out drinking he confessed he was sexual feelings for me. It was a bit strange to hear but it didn't bother me too much. Then he confessed he was in love with me.

I told him I didn't see him that way and I felt he was feeling that way out of loneliness and wanting to have someone. But he admitted he's felt that way for years since we were kids. I told him again I didn't see him that way and never would and tried to brush it off but then it got strange. The floodgates were open. He asked for a hug because he was sad so I gave him one only for him to say he liked hugging me because of my smell. He then kept trying to kiss me and even felt like at one point he was trying to guilt trip me into sleeping with him. It made me very uncomfortable, the first time I've felt that way with my friend.

He messaged me this morning saying sorry for it all that he hoped it didn't change our friendship as he valued it, I was the closest friend he had. But I don't know, it doesn't feel the same. I genuinely view him as a brother, I've never had a sexual or romantic thought about him in my life. So this all feels like a family member has confessed their love and come on to me.

I won't be able to hug my best friend when I'm sad because know I know everytime we hug he thinks about kissing me or he makes it romantic. Him coming over to my house to watch sports game he admits to wanting to come on to me. All the times I defended him to my jealous ex's and his own that he didn't like me when he did. All the things, all the support we gave each other is tainted and it breaks my heart. He can't help how he feels but now I'm not sure how we can remain as close as we were without it being an issue.
Best Friend Confessed His Feelings For Me And I Don't Know What To Do?
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