#Survey Copy/Paste and mark Yes/No if you want the same in a partner?

Inspired by @themajesticking777 question... Okay I want to see if anyone has close to 100% the same type as I prefer lol. For most questions, answer yes/no.
1. Would your partner be a guy or a girl?
2. Would they have short or lowcut hair?
3. Would they be around 5’7-6’2 height?
4. Would they have piercing eyes?
5. Does having nice eyebrows matter
6. Would they have a toned chest/arms or in terms of a girl, a toned body?
7. Do u care if they have a great smile?
8. Would you prefer little body hair?
9. Would you prefer they believe in God
10. Would you prefer they hardly drink (and/or dont drink at all)?
11. Would you prefer they’re a good cook
12. Would you prefer they dont smoke?
13. Would you prefer they hardly cuss?
14. Would they be less blunt?
15. Would they be goofy/humorous
16. Would they rarely use sarcasm?
17. Would they be a confident lonewolf? 18. Would they have no indoor pets?
19. Would they wait 6+ months for sex?
20. Would they enjoy admiring artwork?
21. Would they live in southern USA?
22. Would they hardly talk politics?
23. Would they loves music/tv/dancing?
24. Would they wants kids while in 20s?
25. Would they hardly use social media? 26. Are they confident but not cocky?
27. Are they close in age (within 5 years)
28. Would they have sexed less than 5?
29. Would they play video games daily and watch anime all the time?
30. Would they be more indoorsy or outdoorsy?
Bonus- Post an example pic of a face you find yourself attracted to.
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Please answer yes/no to the survey unless it is impossible to answer in simple form. I’m trying to calculate out of 30 here so lets avoid the “I don’t know/care” if possible. The less we have in common, the better lol #KillsTheCompetition... As for #4 I’m asking if you want them to have nice eyes that you feel you’re staring deep into the soul of. (Not referring to eye/brow piercing.) I’ll paste my answers here tomorrow
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So i have over 30 answers. Thats good enough for me. Thanks for taking y'all. #1 Of course I prefer a guy and didn't expect most guys to say the same so you’re technically out of 29 rather than 30. #2-28 are all “Yes” because i made the survey based off my preferences. If girls matched mine then that means we probably like the same type of guy haha. Luckily little matched 🤣 #29 would be “no/on occasion”. #30 would be more indoorsy than out
#Survey Copy/Paste and mark Yes/No if you want the same in a partner?
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