Does a guy want you romantically if he asks you to coffee and he pays for you every time?


Ok, so I met this professor on a university campus four years ago where I was taking an extended class. I’m not a college student - I actually have my graduate degree already so I’m older.

This Professor is still about 15-16 years older than me. He says he loves hanging out with me & always suggests to meet up again. For the past four years, we have met off and on for coffee. He always pays for mine. I usually get a coffee ☕️ Or tea and a little sandwich. I felt a little bad never paying so I just bought a star buck gift card for him to send to him to show him my gratitude. I feel some chemistry & he makes comments ‘I hope you like me’ and flirts a little, but not too much.

The first time we met up, he had a girlfriend and he did tell me that he cheated with a married woman before. He told me at our most recent meet up that he and his ex wife are ‘thinking’ of getting back together. This is confusing. is he a cheater still? Did he not learn from his past mistakes?

He does make comments when I talk about other men who have sexually propositioned me before that ‘oh… so you weren’t interested’…. I mean, if he’s wanting to get back together with his ex wife, then is it really appropriate to be asking and treating me to coffee a multitude of times and still requesting to ‘hang out’ more after the most recent ‘date?’ If they are even considered dates? He makes comments like how he ‘vividly remembers when he met me after one of his guest speaking lectures’. I mean, why would a guy spend money and time with a woman if he doesn’t like her in some romantic way, regardless of the degree of liking? I’ve been told that ‘men never just want to ‘hang out’. One guy friend of mine did say that ‘unless y’all love going to sports bars to watch sports all the time, he’s asking you out on romantic DATES!’

Does a guy want you romantically if he asks you to coffee and he pays for you every time?
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