I like when we have sex when my boyfriend is mad?

So I've been dating this really sweet guy for the past 4 months and I really like him. However, the problem when we have sex, I personally like it rough but he likes it slow and sweet not rushed, he likes taking his time with me but when we do it how I want him to it feels like he's holding back like he doesn't and I think it's cute but it's not how I want it so once maybe a couple of times, I'd intentionally pissed him so he'd be harder on me, the first time wasn't on purpose tho but I noticed it worked so I kept doing it. He hates when I'm physical close to my guy friends, if my clothes are a bit form-fitting and are made of a certain material or when I attack his ego. Am I being toxic? should just tell him and maybe I can convince him to be a bit harder and that I'll be fine? Other than that we get along pretty great, we have a lot in common and I just lose track of time when I'm talking to him, I think I might be catching feelings because I smile and blush at my phone screen during some conversation and I like seeing him smile or just watching him do anything really, who knew drinking a glass of water could be hot and it wasn't with the help of lighting or some camera trick. He's an angel and totally my type but honestly, his definition of railing could use some work. But I think he's picking up on that I'm making him mad on purpose, we were cuddling after the last thing and he based if I did it on purpose but not in a mad way like it was a way of finding it cute almost, I froze and didn't say anything but he kissed my forehead and we went to sleep.

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we talked about it and decided on code words well more his idea. he said he knew and expressed he was mad at first bu then started treating as code for me saying I wanted it a bit harder.
I like when we have sex when my boyfriend is mad?
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