Is it possible for someone to be really controlling and paranoid long distance, but not in real life?

Long distance boyfriend became more and more controlling and paranoid: he micromanaged my social media to the extent he made me erase old pictures in which I was completely covered, filter followers and followings, and asked me not to post any new picture. Then, he told me I couldn't go to my master's degree celebration party because there could be males there. I sell artwork, and I had to ask my dad to meet with the clients and give them the artwork. After I finished my master's degree, I wanted to go on two day vacation in a nearby city, he didn't want me to. The last drop was him wanting me not to wear crop tops and not to enrol to the gym.

Even if I was loyal to him and was a patient and supportive girlfriend, he was accusing me every two days. If I forgot to update him with pictures about my day he would tell me I was cheating. Any new follower that popped up on my followings list, he would get enraged and say I started following them (even if I didn't and it was someone reactivating their account). A chaos. When I tried to leave, which I tried several times, he would hit his face, bruise himself and blame it on me.

After our breakup, he sent me a message telling me he found a girl and he doesn't have the same issues with her. He said that if I had been patient, once he would be near me he wouldn't have had the severe control and trust issues he had with me. He said that I gave up on a man who loved me, etc. He said that if I had been more patient, he was searching already for a job in my country and would move soon and those control and trust issues would be over, but I lost it all. It really hit me hard. I gave up on so many things to make him feel secure and he never was. He said that girl loved and respected him more, when actually I was there anytime he felt miserable in life (which was pretty often), limited many areas of my life for him, was prepared to help him get his documents in my country...

Is that even real? Is that even possible?

Is it possible for someone to be really controlling and paranoid long distance, but not in real life?
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