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Would you say he seems mad at me?

I have this guy I speak to everyday but we don’t have a label on us. He did annoy me that time too, as he just left my message on deliver for one week! I then posted a picture of myself and he replied to my story I posted. I then posted something about me going on a date and cancelling. He then deleted his message (complement) he sent me. I asked why he deleted he then put “cos ur dating now so dw.” I asked if he’s annoyed he just put “nah.” Skipping past everything.. I said it’s not a big deal as I’ve cancelled it anyways. He then replied “ok if it’s not a big deal. Enjoy?” Is he being sarcastic or? And why did he put “enjoy?” Now he’s just ignoring me or being blunt. I don’t understand why he’s doing it, cause we’re not even dating I don't know if we even was
Would you say he seems mad at me?
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