How to respond to canceled blind date?

I had a blind date that was supposed to happen this weekend, set up by a mutual friend. The day before the date, our mutual friend messaged me to tell me that the girl "probably wasn't down for the blind date anymore" and got "cold feet".

Talking to a different set of friends about the situation, they advised me to contact her and say something to the effect of, "Hi, I'm [insert mutual friend's name here] friend - sorry we didn't get a chance to meet this weekend, but..." and leave some kind of open invitation to her.

In a way I can see their rationale, but my instinct was to just leave the situation alone and move on, since the girl canceled on rather short notice and didn't seem to make the date a priority. (And why should I chase someone who didn't want to meet me?)
How to respond to canceled blind date?
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