How to comfort your girlfriend?

My girlfriend is upset she has no friends except 2 no one in her school liked her they all bullied her through high school except her best friend. She met this girl on Instagram 2 years ago she's really nice she lives in the same state but she lives north of us 4 hours away no one on Instagram talks to her anymore but she does they literally talk up till midnight every day she hopes one day she'll move down here. She's sad that she got invited to one of her old school friends birthday party she never gets invited to anyone's parties as I said no one liked her except one friend she always invites her. No one on Instagram talks to her anymore because she met this guy on there who was a Motley Crue fan she said something wrong about Vince he got mad and bullied her now her told people not to talk to her it's probably why. Not even her followers ask her what's wrong anymore if she posts she's sad except her best friend on there. Almost everyone she follows are teens or young adults her friend she met is 21 she's really nice she doesn't mind talking to her. She met this other girl who was 18 she said she's so obsessed with talking to her but she blocked her 3 times because she ignored her and left her out of everything now she's saying shit about her I don't understand why she's trying to make up if she's just gonna bully her. Not even her first friend she met 3 years ago on there talks to her anymore probably because of those bullies she wishes she had some friends she hopes her online friend will move down here one day. She doesn't understand why people dont check on her or ask her what's wrong anymore probably because of those two idiots. She met a 15 year old on there who was nice at first then found out she was 30 she started sending her mean messages she got mad and blocked her and her friend. She wishes she kept her mouth shut. How can I comfort her? Why are teenagers so mean and weird on Instagram?

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Not only no one hardly talks to her or checks on her no one hardly likes her photos anymore it makes her feel bad
How to comfort your girlfriend?
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