White men are sexist?


I'm not sure if this speaks for the majority of white men but I ve such a huge surge in white men dating Asian women because of reasons like "slimmer", "submissive" "docile" etc. Only to be shocked by how a lot of the Asian women are none of these. Once they see that they want marriage or are not submissive, they make a quick exit.

I dont want shame anyone but a large majority of these Asian girls are quite unattractive with poor English speaking skills yet the white men go to them stating they prefer Asians only because of the said qualities. A friend of mine said that she has heard comments from white guys saying "you are the perfect Asian size", "submissive in bed" etc.

One of my male friends only dated Asian girls until he got tired of each one of them wanting to get serious or married. Now he's back to dating white women.

On the other hand, Asian women date white guys either because they want the visa or the money if the guy is rich. I speak from experience as I ve heard so many Chinese girls wanting a white guy to stay in the UK. I ve also seen 20 something Asian women with men as old as 50+.

What is wrong with white men these days? Isn't this creepy and sexist?

White men are sexist?
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