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I met a girl 3 months ago and we have been talking since then, but ghosted me after a 4th meet?


So thats it. I met this girl back in march when she was on vacations. We get along form the start (hanged out 3 times and kissed the last one) and later she went back to her city which happens to be the same where i work during the year. After she left she started texting every single day and everything was great. I told her that eventually i would have to travel to the city for work and always talked about future plans (cooking, drinking, going to the movies, etc)

I arrived and couple of days later invited her to grab a coffee, to that she rescheduled for later canceling the date, i replied her that ok no problem, maybe another time. Days after she reached me out again and started to text as always. Offered one more time and she said yes, but rescheduled again that same day but this time she could make it. She was weird tho, a little distant and not so eager after not seeing each other for almost 3 months. I told her that we eventually would talk during the week. I did but started to sense some cold and slow responses. To not waste my time i offered one more plan but she could not make it, never offered me another schedule either. The next day i replied again that no problem and we shall see the next time.

And that was all, she never replied back. What could have happened? maybe another guy, an ex? She still follows me on social media but doesn't watch my stories tho. Should i see hers? On the other hand i want to text her but not asking for responses because i know what already she didn't want with me, but for getting her to know that im okey with all (trying to move on) and would want to stay connected at least a little because she's my neighbour´s niece and we could maintain contact as "close contact" you would say.

Is this a viable way to treat a ghost but keeping my values and what i stand for when looking for a serious relation? Im surprised by how easy is for her ghosting me after knowing each other but not sure if i want to loose all contact with her

I met a girl 3 months ago and we have been talking since then, but ghosted me after a 4th meet?
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