Boyfriend starts pulling away after a break?

As a context we’re in our early 20s and have only been seeing each other for two months. One month ago, i tried communicating with him on how we need more time together as we’re only meeting up once a week for a few hours (and at very odd hours too like 9pm-morning) cause he has work from morning till night for 7 days a week. He said that he can’t really change the time of his work (given that it’s his own business) and I tried to be appreciative of the little time he gave and the effort of driving to my place.

Fast forward to a week ago, as we are doing our daily call in the morning, I jokingly asked him “Why don’t u ever send me good morning texts again” and apparently that triggers him to lash out on me and say that I’m not appreciative enough of him, and how I make him feel bad for not giving time. And so we took a break for three days to figure things out, before he called me back and we agreed to get back together.

However, ever since we got back together, he seemed to be really distant - he barely texts, never want to make calls anymore, and made no plans to meet up. At this point, we haven’t met up for two weeks (yes, last time we met was before the break), and haven’t called since we ended our break. I honestly can’t help feeling lonely and rejected - and I’m scared to tell him this in case he lashes out again.

I thought he might be pulling away from me, which I know lots of guys do before a relationship, but do you think it’s normal? And what’s the best way for me to handle it? I don’t really question his loyalty since he used to give me all his spare time before the break, but I just find that this 180° switch up is really hurting me.

Boyfriend starts pulling away after a break?
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