Why do I eventually lose interest in all the guys I date?

And no, I haven’t been in a relationship since I broke up with my first boyfriend months ago.

It’s been flings. But I find I don’t like the guys later as much as I thought I did in the beginning. I may also start pulling away. One thing I have is trust issues and I’m scared to open up fully to a guy and become attached.

I’ve managed to “succeed” in certain instances by not putting my all into some guy such that I don’t make myself fully available to a certain guy. For instance, two dudes I dated were single dads (note that they didn’t tell me they had a kid but only after we met.. but I was still willing to kinda give them a chance and still see them). Later they would bade farewell and say they were going back to their exes to so-called mend their relationship—and say they’d have to stop talking to me. Times like that I’m really glad I hadn’t committed my attention fully to them and was talking to other guys. Because it doesn’t affect me as much emotionally. It’s like I build this wall to not get hurt. But it also makes me feel lonely because I do want to find The One.
Why do I eventually lose interest in all the guys I date?
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