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Is "born again virgins" bs?

(Please be respectful in comments, this isn't a post for shaming people or calling names) A while back I met a girl a few years ago who told me that she was a virgin which I thought was cool. I'm not so as long as your body count isn't higher than mine idc. But she told me she wanted to wait for marriage and her being a virgin I agreed. Then later on her mother called her a born again virgin and I was confused. Apparently a born again virgin is a non virgin women who converts to a religion usually Christianity. After I found out, I broke up with her because it's not fair to make me wait and not other guys. A year later I found out she started sleeping around again after we broke up and I felt I dodged a bullet. What are your thoughts on born again virgin? To me its made up to make non virgin women reclaim the pride they once had before having sex and to attract more men, if she had told me she wasn't a virgin and didn't wanna wait till marriage I probably wouldn't have broken up with her, but the whole born again virgin thing feels manipulative and sneaky.
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Is "born again virgins" bs?
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