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Should I give up on dating?


I’ve online dated a lot. No girl I liked had ever ‘fought over’ me. While they were ignoring my messages they were just simping over the really hot white guy that didn’t give her attention. I’ve seen their dms vs mine. If you’re a perfect looking white guy, you can not message them and they are begging for your attention.

Girls are all the same, they all suck. I never get the ones I want. None of them deserve me how about that, I’m going to go far in life. They don’t deserve what I could bring. I hate them all. I’m bitter

I’ve been on the apps for fkin years. Even paid money here there. I give up. There’s also nothing more I can do to work on myself. It’s over

I’m 25. I’ve had enough experience I feel

It makes sense to give up
No it doesn’t
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Should I give up on dating?
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