What does it mean when a guy kisses your head?

like I was hanging out with this kid, we've liked each other before but never did anything. we were chilling one day and he put his arm on my shoulder and brought me closer, kissed my lips then the top of my head lol

and he touched my face when we kissed again, I don't know I sound like a little kid haha

like he would look deep into my eyes, (he didn't really break eye contact) he seemed relaxed but I don't wanna get all excited, I'm not sure if he was kissing me cause he was bored or what lol. but he kept kissing me, pretty deep.

he asked if I could date also even though I'm 19 ha ha and there was a point when we were playing around and I kissed his cheek like *mwuah* cute and simple. then he leaned over and kissed mine like mwuuaah* lol

what do you guys think, do you think he's attracted? he did say I was pretty but I don't think I am :I he also said I had nice eyes.

and when I said that I wasn't pretty, he shook his head and smiled but it didn't seem fake.. lol

thanks everyone. its cause usually people don't come to me and ask me out, they usually go to my friend so every time someone tells me I'm pretty, I always take it as theyre being nice lol


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  • He's kissing you so he probably likes you but I wouldn't put too much thought into specific actions he's doing while he's kissing you. I don't think him doing anything like what you mentioned means anything much different than just that he likes you.

  • Young people like to experiment and try out new things with people they think they can apply it to :) sometimes the little kid in us just jumps out and we behave in the most strangest and funniest ways. The kissing symbolises "adoration" and the looking "passion" so put these two together and we got a winner!

  • Not sure if he's anything like me... But generally when I kiss a girl's forehead, it's someone I care for deeply. I'd take it as a sign of affection and an offer for protection... His way of letting you know you can trust him and he'll stand up for you.

  • No... >.>


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  • Stop thinking you're not pretty.

    But anyway, he is attracted.

    Kiss on the neck

    - I want you.

    Kiss on the lips

    - I love you.

    Kiss on the ears

    - Let's have some fun.

    Kiss on the nose

    - Let's get silly.

    Kiss anywhere else

    - You're the best.

  • "what do you guys think, do you think he's attracted?"


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