Tips on how to get him to pick me up and kiss me again?

my boyfriend used to give me a hug and then kiss me, then he would grab my ass and pick me wrap my legs around his waste and we would make out that way. I loved it.but he never does it anymore.any tips on how to get him to do it more,like he used to? other than just asking him.


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  • Cuddle up next to him, look into he's eyes, smile (bite your lip a little bit), touch he's chest and whisper in a flirtatious way: "You know what I like?"

    Pause and give his brain time to switch into "sex mode". This normally takes a bout a fief seconds. xD

    Then you just say anything you like him doing to you ,including lifting and kissing you. Since he is already in the sex mode, this will not be considered as asking straight up, but more as teasing on your part. He may laugh, because he will obviously be expecting to hear something else.

    But since the information is already in there in the back of he's mind. He will process it and if he's feelings are still the same for you, sooner or later he will repeat it (lift you) whether he took you seriously back then, or not. We all wish to please our partners and we use all the information we can get.

    You said you don't want it to be straight up, but the info has to get to he's brain. Teasing works just as well.

    Though I don't see why you can't put your arms around him and ask to be carried like a princess, in exchange for kissing and some food maybe? =P