What does it mean when a guys texts "haha okay;)"

okay I talk to this guy a lot by text and I kinda like him...i don't talk to him much in person because I ain't in many of his class's...we talk every 2-3 days and I mostly start the convo but he sometimes does...anyway sometimes when I send a really long text he just says "haha okay;)" and it annoys me because it leaves the convo at a dead end...i wouldn't mind if he said he agreed with me of if he disagrees with me but all he says is haha...what does this mean?

another thing...if neither has texted in a convo for a bit I just say something like "soooo...what ya wanna talk bout?" and EVERY SINGLE TIME he just says "haha I don't mind" or "you choose:)" this also annoys me...but what does it mean? does it mean that he doesn't want to tlk to me or what?

PLease help!


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  • when I would ask someone random ; what do you want to do , or what do you want to talk about :90 % of the times people would say : "hmm dunno." nit because they don't want , but because it's not something you can think of that quickly/good

    don't ask what you should talk about , just start to talk about something ;D

    haha okay ;) usually means : I'm busy right now/ I don't know what say about that , talk about something else / I Don't care so much


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  • You need to back off a little .. he seems to be having a lot of you and this is bad .. give him some space and act a bit cold :)

    • Okay thanks:) but what exsactly do you mean by acting cold?

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    • Okay thank you so much:)

    • No, please don't do that. For starters, it doesn't sound like a good sign he does this anyway. When he does, just say something like "Am I boring you?" Or something like that. Sending long ass texts isn't a good idea anyway, so you probably are

  • Guys don't really think like us..they kinda just try to make things short, sweet, and to the point. They don't really feel the need to talk a ton like girls do to be in touch with us. Plain and simple, he just doesn't know what to talk about or doesn't really feel the need to. :) It'll be fine