No third date after two good dates. Should I call her?

So I went on a date with a girl on Wednesday. The date went well and she did mentioned that she is free coming weekend. She also texted me that she had a good time and would love to hangout again. I also texted her that it was great to meet her and would like to hang out again.

I called her on Friday and left a Voice mail that I wanted to catch up with her and that I would like to hang out with her sometime. She called back but I missed the call. She left a voice mail that she would love to hang out this weekend as she does not have a plan. I called her back but it went to voice mail. After that we touched based on Sunday and planned to meet on Tuesday. She also said that even though she did not had any plans it turned out to be a very busy weekend.

We meet on Tuesday for drink, dinner and bowling. After the date, we hugged and she said she has no solid plans for the weekend and would love to hangout again. I also texted her after the date if she reached home safely. She replied that she did and it was good to see you again.

I called her on Thursday and left a voice mail. I again called her on Sunday and did not leave a voice mail. She has not called back and it has been more than a week now. I know she had to travel for her sister's graduation but even then no text, no call. I am not sure if I should call again or let her go. She seemed interested during dates and I did like her. Should I call her or let her go?


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  • Call. Don't leave voice mail. Have a very specific plan (time, date and what you plan to do). If she doesn't answer, leave a text saying "hey! how was sis's graduation? Give me a shout, I've got something you MIGHT be intersting enough for! :P"

    If she doesn't respond, she's not interested. Let it go. If she does, have a good date planned and you absolutely, MUST kiss her on this date at some point or you're dead in the water.

    Good luck.

    • totally agree with you!

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    • Well, that doesn't sound good. Definitely the right call to move it on.

    • I know. I mean I have some dates coming up, but I think of all the girls I dated in last 1-1.5 years, she had the strongest long term potential. Obviously, two dates is too few to know a person, but in terms of education, interest and other things, she was pretty good. That was the only reason I was so cautious and wanted more opinion. In normal case, I would have not posted for advice here. I can make that call myself. But time to move on.

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  • Dude just be patient and call her. Also it wouldn't hurt if you clarify things with her. Never assume anything :)...

  • Call her and ask "which day and time will you be available to meet?" Then she has to give you a specific time.

  • call her. no voice message could possible mean no phone call showed up. it happens to me all the time! but on the 3rd date- kiss her already so she doesn't think its a friendship your pursueing.

    • I did leave one voice message.

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  • let her go...She must be busy. You've only just met the more you let the connection between you and her breathe the better your chances (at least you left 1 msgs meaning you care) but even thou it went well it doesn't mean she doesn't have a list of other guys waiting in line like you for another date.

    I would suggest you give it a thought and then move on to another girl. +++your in your 30's it's the crisis number for easy sex and quick responses+++ They have an agenda to keep with Marriage, Babies and Aging.


    If she replies to you,(following this advise) you should pull be able to pull the "sorry I'm busy with someone else that day, how about we see next week". Simple! just to get her mind working up a little.

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