4 dates and now no contact. Should I text her?

We've basically been on 4 dates (both 22 year old) but I think she's loosing interest. She is totally cool with me touching her though (her arm, back, legs etc) which I try to escalate on the dates and she seems genuine but I've got it in my head that she's dating other people (We met on a dating site and she still logs on from time to time).

We've kissed but I think on the last date I left on a low. She usually tells me to text her when I get home safe, Which I do but she never replies so I told her when leaving on the final date for her to text me the next day. She never did and for the first time since we got talking a month ago we've had no contact for almost 2 days now. She must have liked me at some point I guess to agree to 4 dates but I just don't know any more.

So not sure how to proceed. She's gone home to her parents house until Thursday (she hasn't seen them for almost 2 years) so should I wait till then to text and say I was giving her some space to enjoy family time. Or should I text now? I don't want to seem needy? Yet I don't want other potential guys move in whilst I'm not in touch.

Thanks for any advice :)
4 dates and now no contact. Should I text her?
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