4 dates and now no contact. Should I text her?

We've basically been on 4 dates (both 22 year old) but I think she's loosing interest. She is totally cool with me touching her though (her arm, back, legs etc) which I try to escalate on the dates and she seems genuine but I've got it in my head that she's dating other people (We met on a dating site and she still logs on from time to time).

We've kissed but I think on the last date I left on a low. She usually tells me to text her when I get home safe, Which I do but she never replies so I told her when leaving on the final date for her to text me the next day. She never did and for the first time since we got talking a month ago we've had no contact for almost 2 days now. She must have liked me at some point I guess to agree to 4 dates but I just don't know any more.

So not sure how to proceed. She's gone home to her parents house until Thursday (she hasn't seen them for almost 2 years) so should I wait till then to text and say I was giving her some space to enjoy family time. Or should I text now? I don't want to seem needy? Yet I don't want other potential guys move in whilst I'm not in touch.

Thanks for any advice :)


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  • Wow dude, you butchered this up.

    She was probably looking for someone (of the one's she dating) to make a move.

    And to be honest, she's playing you if she's dating other guys, so why subject yourself to the torture?

    What is she, made of solid gold or something?

    I guarantee she's no trophy and there's plenty out there to have anyway.

    Don't communicate with her, see what happens. In the meantime, find someone else to take on a date.


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  • just text her a bit, no worries. and if she is really interested in u, she will text back. girls sometimes play hard to get, this is the rule.if you are pretty sure she is also interested in u, give her the hint that maybe she should show more care as you need her as well, but don't be that serious, just say it casually. the key point is, show you care about her, but don't make her feel she is one part of your life. hah


What Guys Said 2

  • At this point make her chase you and look for other prospects.

  • Some virgin idiots will tell you to text her or act desperate but play hard to get. But I already get the sense that she is not really into yet and has not decided. Play hard to get and keep on trying to find another lady for yourself.


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