Did you or do you practice kissing on the back of your hand?

When I was younger I did, only when I was alone, and before I had my first kiss. I heard of doing it from some movie I saw years ago...Now that I look back on it, I feel kind of silly for doing that. Do you or have you ever done this? How did you hear of it? Do you think it improved your technique? Do you think it's a good idea? Why did you do it if you did, or why not if you didn't? Share your thoughts please...just curious on what everyone else says

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  • yeah I did that , still do sometimes , heard of it trough YouTube I think... still haven't had a real romantic kiss with a girl I love - f*** my life :(

    • awww...it will come. Don't worry

    • well yeah I believe in it :) working on it , but it's always so complicated :p

    • yeah, complicated is right. Love is very complicated

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What Guys Said 1

  • I used to practice on my teddy bear :$


What Girls Said 2

  • Not on the back of my hand... I practiced on pillows/stuffed animals.

  • I used to do it and I don't know why but when I miss my boyfriend I actually do it xD

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