She hardly talks/texts anymore, what's the deal?

She has agreed to go out to dinner, again and it's not like I've been asking her repeatedly about going either. Although she did cancel once before and then I had to reschedule a few days later... This time, If dinner isn't great then I plan on telling her we should just be friends.

Is it safe to say she's lost interest? Or should I ask her upfront before the date? That way I can avoid an awkward/boring dinner date and save 100 bucks?

Ladies, if you like a guy, you stay in touch right? And you make the time to go out.

Opinions please... what's up?


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  • Is she a "date" or a girlfriend

    As a girl I'll say: She should have a reason of canceling the dinner, but if she didn't call you to explain why, then she ditched you. And She's not that into you.

    If she's a girl you've been seeing for awhile, like let's say 3 weeks, and she has'nt shown any sign that she's interested. Move on, There's lots of fish in the sea. But if you just met her and you're trying to take her out to dinner like a date, then spend a little more time with her, see if she's still interested.

    "She hardly talks/texts anymore". Hmmm...- That means she's lost interest. Or maybe she just wants to be friends. Which is probably why she avoided "going out" If she likes you, and wants to be with you, then you'll be in her mind everyday. And she'll "want" to call/text you.

    When a girl likes a guy, she thinks about him. Just to let you know.


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  • It's hard to say if she lost interest, but you shouldn't give up and be too serious.. keep your options open :) because it sounds as she's not sure or maybe possibly afraid?

    If you want, you guys can always hang out as friends before going on 'dates'.

    I would stay in touch with a guy I like, but I sometimes get shy, but I'd still make the effort to stay in touch

  • Dude. she's just not that into you. I'm not sayin your wasting your time. but if a nice guy(which you seem like a nice guy) asked me out and was willing to take time out of his day to take me out I would go. so I'm guessing she was just busy. there is a chance she likes you but I'm sure if she for sure did she'd have made that first date happen.


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