She doesn't text as much anymore?

I've known this girl for sometime now and deeply care about her. She has stated she likes me, and cares about me very much. She attends a college out of state, and frequently returns to visit family and friends for the summer and holidays. We occasionally have dated and have been out together during her time at home. Our friendship is on and off when she is here, and when she leaves we frequently keep in contact by text and sonetimes by phone. A few weeks ago she texted often, what she was doing, how school, and work was going, how she missed me and wished I was there with her. Now it seems like it had died down. She doesn't text as often. I have even tried to text but got left hanging. It kinda bummed me out. I know she will come around and text me again. How should I handle this?


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  • If she texts short answers and doesn't really try to add much to the conversation then she's most likely trying to push you away. Give her some space, act like you don't care and she'll miss you like no other. (I have this issue with my boyfriend, I go to a university out of state and he texts me nonstop, I really hate having to have my phone with me at all times so sometimes I "forget it at my dorm" at one point I realized we were having the same conversations daily and his answers became predictable, I just wanted space and lately he has been giving it to me and things couldn't be better) I realize that this could be different for you but I thought I'd share :)

    • I've given her space before in the past without even asking her anything and she usually will come back around. I guess I just feel like an option sometimes. Like she will only talk to her convenience. I just don't get it. She's on an off flirty this distant. Then starts all over again.

  • Maybe she is busy at collage and hasn't got time to make an effort to text you abd have a new interesting conversation


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