How do you ask a scorpio to prom?

I really need advice on how to ask this guy I like to prom, probably as friends though to make asking him less awkward. My friend offered to ask him for me, but being a scorpio girl, I know that scorpios don't like weakness and having someone else ask him for me would be showing weakness.. how do I ask? I have a good feeling he will say yes, but I don't know how to bring up or ask in general. I really want to convince him to go just in case he may just not want to go at all. but I'm afraid of what he will say.

Any input from anyone would be great

Scorpio guys what do you think?


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  • Okay first off, drop the zodiac sign. He is himself, NOT a sign. Secondly, just ask him. If he likes you and wants to go then he'll go. If he says no then you just saved yourself a wasted night of being with someone who doesn't want to be with you.


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  • Just take him aside and say, "Look tardo, it ain't like I'm asking ya to count to seven, or walk and think at the same time, I'm just asking ya to start your fathers car and lug me off to the prom. Do ya think you can muster a proud moment or two?" It's in the bag.


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  • like you would ask any other guy.

    • but I just don't know how to ask him at all

    • Hey, *insert name*, I was thinking, would you like to be my prom date?

      TA DAH!

    • This. Also, yeah, astrology signs and horoscopes in general are bullsh!t. ( link ) I covered it pretty well here, as did another guy on that page who offered up, this link. ( link ) seriously... check this out.