Why do girls reply with one word texts?

Ok ill text this girl..sometimes she will text in 2 sentence texts but most the time there one word texts like...

Me - Guess what I get to do today?(7:32)

Her - What?

Me - I get to spend $200 to fix my car. Ill send you pictures when its done :)

Her - Cool

Me - Ill text you later have fun teaching :)

Her- Thanks(8:01)


Her- I've gotta a lot of chores to do(9:54)

Me- that's what happened when your gone for 2days

Her- It was waas crazy a vacation form work and home. Woop! Woop!

Me - I'm glad you went,You deserved it for working so hard, I think you need a couple more vacations before School ends :D(10:03)

...A couple texts like that later...

Me- Hey are you still doing chores? Can I Call you?(10:38)

Her - Kinda(11:48)

..I call her and she seems kinda mad and is stressed out about how much work she needs to do.(call lasts 5mins)
Why do girls reply with one word texts?
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