Why has she suddenly gone cold?

Hi guys, I'll try to keep this short, but id really like some advice on this.

Met a girl about 3 weeks ago at a party..Facebook messaged her for about a wk until I got her number. Set up a date. Date went well I thought..good conversation/flirty but no kiss at the end. Set up date number 2 at the end of date number 1. After date one she texts first the next day that she had a great time etc and is looking forward to date 2. Date 2 about 3 days after date 1(had a few messages and a call in between) lasted for about 2.5 hrs and again in my opinion really good conversation/flirty and quite a bit of touching..however I didn’t man up and kiss her at the end (I know, I know:-p). After date 2 I text her that night and she texts back immediately..good response and flirty text. The next day I call at night, she doesn’t pick up so I leave a voice message (nothing needy I think). No call back or text. The day after missed phone call I send a quick text joke at about 10am but no text return and I followup at 8pm saying something about her missing out on the greatest knock knock joke in the world. She replies in 10 minutes and then have a couple of messages where her answers are super short 1-2 words..then asked her if I could give her a quick buzz to which she replied “kinda busy. Talk later.” That was a couple of days ago, thought id not text/call for a few days and then try again. I actually really like this girls personality/humor as well as looks and it’s very rare for me to be into a girl so much after only 2 dates. Also know this girl is someone my parents would totally approve of if it turned into a relationship (same religion/country etc and all that stuff some parents want). Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


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  • She might be busy... But if you think about it, If she were busy, she would be able to make time for you, even like a minute or so to just talk to you.

    Recently, my best friend had the same thing happen to him with his girlfriend. All of a sudden she was just "too busy" to pick up the phone and call when what was really going on was that she just wasn't interested any longer. She had found another guy and dumped him. Not exactly the best story there...

    I'm not saying that it is your case, but I would think about it.

    To be honest, whenever someone texts me "talk later" or anything along those lines, I don't expect a phone call. Sometimes it's that phrase where it's like "oh see you in a few" when you don't actually see that person until days later or something.

    I think maybe you should just play it cool and she what she does. If she's actually still into you and IS really busy, when things settle down, she might give you a ring. But I wouldn't be too pushy, because that can sometimes be overwhelming!

    Good luck...! I hope I answered everything... SO many details! :P


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  • i think maybe she's just really busy. I don't think its anything to be worried about. there could be a ton of different reasons why she's sending you short texts. maybe she's trying to play a little hard to get to see if you will work a little harder for her? or maybe she's talking to another guy? you can never really tell with girls. try texting her back. since you said you haven't texted her in a few days. even if she's still sending you non-flirty short texts, try and set up another date. if she tells you that she's busy, be cool with it, wait a week, and ask her again. if she still says she's busy, she's either trying to tell you that she's not interested without hurting your feelings, or she's actually super busy. then just tell her that you really like her and that you would love to go out with her again and if she feels the same way to give you a call when she's free.

    • will definitely try again cause she's worth it (I think) but after a few more attempts I might have to drop the ball..

  • Sounds like she may be a fast one. That or she is afraid of commitment. She has probably been in a relationship such as the one you describe above, but then turned sour. So, give her time to think things out. If you don't want to wait, go to her. Comfort her, coax her, she might be resistant at first though. Keep being persistent, but mind her feelings as well, she may be holding back bitter resentment and lack a little trust.

  • Maybe she wanted that kiss after all. lol


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