What to do with this guarded girl?

I gave this girl I met at the supermarket a letter right asking her if she'd like to be friends, that she could let me know through my text number on the letter.

She replied a week later saying yes, and we text-ed quite abit. Wishing each other g*morrow and g*night every time too, asking each other about our days too.

She appeared guarded though, but we conversed about our interests and it turned out we are almost alike.

2 months down the road, I painted a picture of the moon with the words "only for you *******", giving it to her and admitted to her that I had feelings for her and that I had been waiting for someone like her all my life. Told her that she was the last time I will be trying too. She turned me down telling me that she would rather us just be friends.

I said I respected her decision and a week later I asked her why is it that it feels like she's so guarded and she tells me that she used to want to get married, have babies and such. But now she feels like she doesn't need any of that anymore. She said she was a skeptic :(

We text still, albeit less frequently, about 2 to 3 times a week, asking about her and wishing her well.

A month later I told her that I'm sorry but I still like her, and she told me that it's okay and that people feel like that all the time.

We text each other and such about the same things. She'd wish me good morning rarely. Like once a month, but I texted her almost every week asking her. Each time she'd end the conversation abruptly wishing me a g*day :(

Last month we talked about a movie and that she said she's starting to see that maybe all guys are not typical. And I said I thought you were a skeptic, before telling her how things have changed because I've now turned into a skeptic.

She asked me why and I didn't reply till the next day when I told her that the reason was her, and that I'm beginning to see that love is pointless and heartbreaking.

I told her that I'm waiting for her even though it's not what she wants :( and she agreed, saying that she hopes my faith will be renewed one day. and that she doesn't really know me at all, and I said "slowly."

We text like once every two weeks now and she ends the conversations abruptly, and on MSN she replies with one worded answers before going offline. I don't know what is wrong with her. She feels so guarded :(

it feels like she's trying to push me away and break my heart :(

this morning I texted her asking her if everything was okay because I sensed something wrong, and when she said everything was fine, I told her that if she ever needed anything, that I'd be here for her. But she just old me "i'll be just fine. thanks anyways. have a g*day snowman" and I replied "how did things end up this way? I screwed it up didn't i?" she hasn't replied, but I then texted her again a picture message with the words "HELLO, id like to get to know you please."

maybe I should give her some breathing space, leave her alone for a month or two. what do you think?
What to do with this guarded girl?
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