Telling the difference between forgetting and ignoring texts?

Are there any surefire signs of determining when your text message or phone call is being ignored or if they just forgot to message you back? I'd assume it was solely the personality of the person who's receiving the message. But something tells me it goes deeper than that.


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  • I don't think there are sure signs.

    I've been on both sides. I've been that self conscious person who freaked out if a guy didn't reply to my text within a certain amount of time. My mind would suddenly get flooded with all of these thoughts I had no proof of like "What did I do wrong? What if he's talking to someone else? How many other girls is he talking to? Maybe he just doesn't care about me as much as I care about him... :( !" ect

    then I've also been the very busy person who's so busy living my life and enjoying an experience that I literately forget about my phone. It may take me hours to reply to a text for the simple fact that I'm out their quenching my thirst for complete bliss in my life!

    I'd guess a sure sign would be if they have gone days without replying to one text or call.

    I think you should just ask them straight up "Hey, are you ignoring my texts or what?" Why not? If they are, then that may be the point where you need to detach yourself from the connection with them.


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  • I honestly think it's really rude when someone doesn't respond! I hate that!

    The reasons could be that the person is busy or they don't know how to respond (that's if you ask them a question or something). Or they could be sleeping or took a nap while texting you.

    If they don't text you back continuing that conversation at some point, then maybe they feel awkward to respond a day later to a text from yesterday or they still don't know how to respond so they just don't respond at all. Who knows. People are weird like that.

    If you text someone "hey" or something starting a conversation and they never respond, maybe they didn't get it or they're not with their phone or something. But if they never respond ever to any text, then they're not worth your time and they ignored the texts.

  • if it's forgotten the person will get back to you about it. if it's ignoring...well...they just disappear


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