Did I accidentally insult my boyfriend?

The guy I'm dating and I just recently updated our Facebook relationship status and I was joking through a text conversation and said "I see you're in a relationship on Facebook. What a lucky girl she is!" and he NEVER responded.

Did I accidentally insult him?


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  • if it was me I would be hurt unless you said LOL or JK after it. generally I don't care about profile dating stat's I almost never change mine.

    • you would be hurt if the girl that is dating you said she was lucky?

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    • Lol that is the strangest answer I have ever gotten. It's clearly a compliment.

    • I'm just trying to say how someone could take it the wrong way.

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  • no, you didn't hurt him...may be he might not be using fb...

    try to call him and ask directly that did I hurt u...

  • I don't think so . I think he just doesn't think Facebook things are always worth commenting on. Your comment was a joke that didn't require a response.


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