How would you date someone who is going travelling soon?

I've met a few guys recently whom I've really hit it off with, but they are leaving soon for 3-6 month travel expeditions in Europe or Asia.

How would you date someone like this? Would you? Why or why not?

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They aren't leaving for a few weeks - so what happens during this time? Do you keep dating / hanging out? Or will that risk attachment / sadness for when they leave?


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  • If it's real soon, I wouldn't become exclusive with them, but I'd show interest and get it on. Say something like, 'Listen, we'll wait until you get back before you really make it, I mean who knows what happens out there. But I dig you.' Allow it, be alone for 3-6 months, excite for hearing their stories of women and wine and not date for that length of time - though, since non-exclusive, I would be alright to carry on as normal... And, then, when they come back, every things cool, and you see how it goes. If you've lost the magic, whatever, man. 3 months, what's that? If not, glorious.

    That's what I'd do, anyway.


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  • i wouldn't bother. nothing against the people but I wouldn't care enough to try and have something going for 6 months without being able to hang out

    • I was asking like, say they are leaving in 6 weeks for 4 months... what do you do during the 6 weeks? Do you / can you date them?

  • I'd do what I've done before, long distance. It's not easy, but I can do it. The question is can they.


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