Would you date someone who was paralyzed?

Would you date someone who was paralyzed?
I just read the most heartbreaking story. A woman was hit by a drunk driver, which made her paralyzed from the waist down. After the incident, her whole world turned upside down. She lost all of her friends, her boyfriend, and her life. But she was determined not to let this defeat her. She's speaking with a therapist and going through treatment, but this incident has ruined her whole life. I feel the upmost empathy for her.

So this had me thinking... Would you date a quadriplegic? If they were attractive, and had the personality you desired, but they were in a wheelchair and paralyzed, would you at least give them a chance? I want to know. :)
Yes, definitely!
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It would have to depend on the severity of the paralysis.
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No, I couldn't. Sorry.
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I would date them, sure, but I couldn't see us taking the relationship further.
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Would you date someone who was paralyzed?
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