The way a boy eats an apple determines how they kiss

is it true on how a boy eats an apple you can tell the way they kiss a girl I've always been told this but never knew if it was true or not so what do you think is it true or is this bogus


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  • Well I don't eat apples so it's definitely not true for all guys.

  • i destroy the apple..but my kisses are tender and passionate :*

  • never heard of that. but I like green apples.


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  • ... the way they kiss determines the way they kiss :P

    • thats what I thot t I just fount this out today because my friend was just watchin this boy eat an apple and she was all like ooo he's a good kisser and I'm like how do you know and she says by how he eats an apple

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    • Well younger women, sorry no old people ;P

    • o yea you would say that robotic I can't even eat a hot dog or popsicles without guys makin comments lolz

  • If you make a really big bite on an apple with juice running down the sides of your mouth , you're a sloppy kisser. If you take a neat bite out of an apple you're a neat , loving kisser. Then if u put the whole tip of the bottle in ur mouth then you're a bad kisser , if only ur top lip is in the inside of the bottle opening then ur a good kisser

  • LOL I doubt it.

    • lolz why

    • because no one caresses apples, and guy's don't kiss apples, they bite them! nomnom

    • guys will definitely give less consideration to apples :P thus they won't really care how they eat them!