Guys: what are the reasons you stop dating a woman?

What makes you stop calling her? Why?

In how long can you know you don't like her anymore?


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  • Very early on (1-5 dates in), guys will break up or drop contact because they discovered a deal-breaker. And that could be one of a hundred things, depending on the guy. I'll give you a few examples:

    - She wants to/doesn't want to get married.

    - She wants to/doesn't want to have kids.

    - She is a different religion and insists he change.

    - Sexual incompatibility (lots of potential issues here)

    - Financial issues (she has a ton of debt/can't manage money)

    - Family issues (her family is crazy, and she thinks they're normal)

    - Mental health issues

    - She's clingy/insecure/demanding/spoiled, etc.

    Many of these things a guy wouldn't know just being casual friends, but once they start to date, these things can come out, and guys will want to EJECT.

    If they've been dating for a while, then usually it's because they always fight, never see each other, have broken trust, or just lost interest.

    • "Sexual incompatibility" you should try her how she is sexually first?

    • I'm speaking more about attitudes, libido levels, etc. If one person is very open, and the other very closed and prudish, that's a problem. If one person want sex 3 times a day, and the other wants it 3 times a year, that's a problem. If one person wants to have sex right away, and the other wants to wait for marriage, that's a problem. And that kind of thing can be discussed without actually having sex.

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  • You miss family members, loved ones of the non-romantic type diffferently than you do those from romantic relationships. We all miss our family members, close friends and even our pets who have passed. Romantic relationships feel much like death but touch us to an even greater extent because we not only lose the person, we also lose their love. After my divorce I dated off and on for a few years until I met an amazing woman who became a life altering experience. I wasn't ready for what she had to offer, I was amazed at the intensity of her emotions and didn't fully trust what I was feeling myself. In the end because of stubborn pride on both parts, failed communication and just poor timing I lost the person who I realize now was the love of my life. She made me a better man, she taught me what means be loved by a woman who is unafraid to commit her heart and she showed me a depth of passion that I never knew existed. She has moved on now, is remarried and is happy which makes me happy for her. However, I will will always treasure my time with her. I regret not taking the chance she needed me to take in order to make the relationship permanent. To say I miss her is an understatement but life goes on and you learn to live with your regrets.

    • Wow...that's sad! why we have to let go good people from our lives for not being ready, I've heard some old men saying sad stories of how they'd let go nice women and regret women they'd chose.

  • When nothing's happening.

    I met a girl and got to know her well, despite her saying she's very shy, she took a liking to me.

    I asked her out after a while because we got on really well, and nothing had changed, infact it became awkward she hadn't answered me. Whenever I texted or chatted with her, anything I said was replied with a one word answer like "Yeah" or "lol" or "Okay".

    Or one of the things that cropped up if ever I explained about anything she asked about or I brought up anything about the relationship ended in her replying, "I see"

    She then told me one time that she was going to quit uni (she was a year up from me, and I'm a fresher) and move to another one closer to home, because she can't handle things like family and stuff- even though she told me that her mother (biological) called her "Ugly"!

    I tried hard to help her open up more, and to get to know her then after one incident the insecurity plummited her deeper in to her shell. And now I can hardly talk to her because I hardly see her.

    So overall, when nothing happens is a generality but is the basis of why I'd break up with someone, even though this relationship didn't really even get off the ground.

    • agreed, both sides need to contribute to the relationship. relationships are not spectator sports.

    • Thankyou. Only be collaboration can relationships work out.

  • If they act like a stupid girl. You know, the ones that just don't seem to have anything going on upstairs.

    If they're slutty toward other guys.

    If they don't take care of themselves. Appearance mainly. I don't expect them to be dolled up all the time but I do like someone that cares about how they look and is clean.

    If a girl is rude or mean to other people or is mean to animals.

    I don't like it when I ask them what they'd like to do sometimes and they answer "Whatever you want to do". I like someone with opinions.

    Someone that can't handle money or spends everything they have and then has to wait until their next paycheck.

    If their apartment or house or whatever is a pig sty.

    If they are whiney.

    If they are too bossy.

    If they are too religious.

  • It's not going anywhere.

    We're not compatible

    She tried playing mind games

    She tried laying down an ultimatum

    She did something cruel or was really ignorant to someone.

  • if she always starts arguments over petty things. Also, I cant's stand substanc abuse.

  • I posted my first response to the wrong question. Please delete that response and sorry for the goof. As for reasons why I would stop dating a woman. First would be incompatibility. I have learned that there is no point in continuing a relationship of your partner can't or won't meet your needs. This can be cerebral, emotional or sexual but if she isn't there for me I'll call it quits. Lack of intelligence, honesty, loyalty or a sense of humor also send me packing.

    • problem ;) ..thanks for the answer!

    • You are quite welcome. I am trying to figure out how to delete my responses after I post them. So far no luck.

    • I tried too...but don't's OK ! don't know how to delete it either!

  • When I realize that what we want out of our relationship and just life in general are two entirely different things

    Also when she starts playing games like, blowing me off or cancelling dates without rescheduling, not returning calls and texts, being too "busy" etc.

  • Incompatibility: Personality, Sexual, Religion/Politics, Too close to family (not independent enuf)

  • I might stop calling for a number of reasons. I'm bored, I want out, I was cheated on or wronged in some way, I don't feel a spark anymore. This can happen over a period of years or hours. I've had crushes that have persisted through several rejections, and have had girls that threw up a deal breaker after dating for a while.

  • I recently stopped calling a girl out because she broke some of our dates and I figured this was too disrespectful towards myself and my time. Plus it shows she was not very interested on me so why bother. There's plenty more fish in the sea.

  • Could be lots of reasons I stop calling from she seems like a slut to she shows me a pic of her three pet dogs in her bed and I instantly realize I'm not sleeping in a bed with three dogs to be with this woman lol! I've lost interest over food to be honest. Just be yourself and if it's right it will be alright.


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  • maybe she might get super clingy or a little boring.

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