Dating your teammate?

i'm on a coed club team and I'm really into this guy. I've only been on the team for about a month, he's a junior who's been there all three years.

if us dating didn't work out I feel like it would just make my being on the team awkward and everyone would turn against me or something.

so I'm torn between whether I should make my move now (we've hung out and he's confirmed he'd like to date), wait until I've been on the team longer and established myself more (but possibly miss my chance) or just keep my love life and sports separate and not go out with him at all.



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What Guys Said 1

  • Start dating him now. When you start dating and reaize how dreamy and charming he is, then you are not going to care about the team.

    Spending time dating him and getting some hanky panky sounds like it would be more fun anyway.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd ignore what the team thinks if I were you. They should have no impact on your love life, dating and sports are too separate things. Date him.


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