Pros and cons of being set up on a (blind) date?

So my manager at work wants to set me up on a date with her friend's daughter. So it's basically a blind date. I've never been set up on a date before. But she gave me the option of meeting her first instead when we have our next work party so that I can meet her in a more social and comfortable setting. That way I would feel more comfortable meeting her next time for a real date. And the next work party is coming up soon.

So, for any of you who have been set up on a blind date, what are the pros and cons? How did you feel about being set up on a blind date?

Should I go for it?


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  • This is just my opinion, as I've never dated at all -

    Pros - You can have the excitement of meeting someone completely new. Being set up by someone else might make it easier for you to get started with someone you might not have had the guts to walk up to in another situation. Since the other person who's setting you up knows both of you, they may see something deeper you both have in common that might not see. I think it's nice to meet people in different ways, at least in terms of dating. In person, online, or a blind date... it makes things interesting and can connect you to more kinds of people who you still might have a good time with.

    Cons - You know nothing at all about this person, unless the one setting you up is nice enough to at least give you a few bits of cruical information or show you a picture. But in your situation, you'll be meeting her for the actual date, so you can still get a feel for her before you feel the pressure of a date. She could end up being a weirdo in whatever way... but that goes for anyone you could meet in any other way too.

    I'd go for it. At the party you could just start with some basic info - talk about music, movies, sports... things where you may have a differing opinion but most likely be offending her if you don't like what she likes. Just be kind and respectful, whether you want to go out on an actual date or not.


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  • Yeah you should go for it. Blind dates can be fun.

  • The Pros are obvious you could have a great date and end up dating a great lady the cons are that you could start hanging out with creepy stalker chick whom doesn't take it well when you aren't feeling her...That's alittle extreme the only awkward thing about a blind date is that sense you 2 don't know each other you don't know what to talk about for like the first 30 minutes...


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  • Cons:

    - Usually means one or both people are incapable of getting a date

    - The person matching you isn't completely sure what you're interested in

    - Takes the fun out of courting a girl and getting to know her


    - You don't have to put effort into achieving the date

    - Great way to meet people outside of your social circle

  • cons: she'll probably look bad.

    pros: its easier to slip ruphies in her drink.