I'm a little afraid that he'll get bored of me and don't know what to do?

I met a guy online and we had an amazing date last Friday. After that we started texting everyday. Just little things like, seeing what the other is up to, pics of us throughout our day, question gaming, that sort of thing. We hung out on Wednesday night for our second date. He told me I keep him entertained while he's working with my messages. We constantly text throughout the day and I'm worried he'll get bored of me because of this. About 500 messages over the week

I wake up everyday this week to a good morning text so I'm not initiating the conversation all the time. Our next date is our third, and that's usually the deal breaker, for continuing to see where this goes or splitting ways. Do you think there's a possibility we're talking to much and that the spark thing will fade quickly if we continue doing this? Thanks for any help you can give :)


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  • What's it like when you imagine having the most breathtaking relationship you've ever desired, now? If it involves what you're already doing, then you already know that regardless of what you read or hear from others, it's what you truly feel that will guide you. Sometimes we find ourselves missing out on the most amazing experiences in our lives because we simply don't feel like we deserve to feel as wonderful as we do if we just let go, and go with those amazing experiences. Do what works for you, Unsure. I mean, when you look in the mirror, who is it that you see looking back at you with a frown or a smile? That's the person you should ultimately be answering to, now, wouldn't you agree?


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  • no, I think the fact that you can keep it going is a great thing. the last guy I dated and I barely spoke much between our first 3 dates but he asked me on a 3rd right away after the second. but at the 3rd he told me he didn't want to get too serious. I think I should have split then but stupid me stayed involved.

    you are right the third date is a big step. I don't really recommend having sex that fast unless you both really like each other and know you want to be exclusive. but on the third I really felt more open and talkative and so was he and it was much more relaxed and fun and we made out and it was nice...but yeah looking back I should have ended it then. by then both of you should have your intentions on the table.

    but it sounds like he wants a relationship with you.

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