Do you think he's waiting for me to text him?

This guy and I were texting for about two weeks, he just about always texted me first, every time I replied he would reply "right" back afterward. He'd text "good morning :)" and a couple of times would say goodnight. I texted him first maybe twice out of all the times "maybe"...

I initiated conversations about things that went a little more into depth a couple of times, to get a flow going but Idt he knew how to carry out a conversation too well ( at least that's what I'm hoping, lol).

He's a tad bit younger than I am but mature for the area we live in and for his age..

I know this is a tad-bit "childish" but would like to know what others would gather from this. He hasn't texted me in almost two days ( I feel like I'm in high-school saying this)...but the question is...

Do you think he's waiting for me to text "him" first to justify that feelings are reciprocated for him?

I feel sad because he beat me to it as of this morning, but I also feel relieved. I truly wanted to show him that I didn't mind texting him first...i'll try again another day though *shrugs* lol


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  • I'd definitely say yes. I'm currently in the same position. I'm not exactly waiting for her to text me back per se, but I'm just getting the impression that she just isn't interested in me. Of course, I'm disappointed... If you like him back, I suggest texting him first once in a while. Guys have sensitive egos. If I feel like a girl doesn't like me because she doesn't exactly show interest, I'm gonna leave her alone.

    • Thank you! My thinking logic is if I am taking the time to start more in-depth conversations that he would at the least know I feel the same way to some kind of degree..?

    • While that certainly shows some interest, it wouldn't tell me that you care enough to want to start a conversation to start one with me. Just reassure him, if you really like him.

    • :))), thank you!

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  • That's the idea. If you're not texting him then he is questioning whether you guys are connecting on a deeper level or not.

    • Texting him first or texting him period? I am texting him " back" but I hardly start the day off texting him as he has donewith me? Thanks

    • If I was him and you didn't text me first for more than a few days, (which means we didn't talk at all for those days) then I would assume you're not interested. But that's after I've texted you first for a while.

    • Gotchya! Thanks for the advice.

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