What those can't wait to see / kiss you messages might mean?

This summer I've been away from home for about a month so far. My guy friend and I have been texting fairly often. He tells me that he can't wait for me to come back or can't wait to see me again pretty regularly.

Now, normally I'd just assume that he has feelings for me, but there's more to us than just normal friendship. We dated about a year ago, although I think a lot has changed since then. We also hook up sometimes. For a while we weren't very close but we'd been spending a lot of time together before I left and I think I'm starting to like him again.

I've asked him a few times whether this is more than just him using me for sex and he's very adamant that he isn't. I believe him, I can tell he's being sincere. And he does seem to care how I'm doing.

But anyway, I just wanted some input on what those can't wait to see/kiss you messages might mean? Oh and the last time I saw him he hugged me but it just didn't seem like something two normal friends or even friends with benefits would do. He picked me up and told me (for about the hundredth time) he'd miss me a lot.

Well, sorry this turned into kind of a novel. Haha. Thanks a lot for reading and answering!


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  • Just believe him, if he hasn't given you a reason to not do so otherwise.

    As for those messages, those are just his way of expressing himself, showing that he desires you.

  • He's telling you the truth... I don't understand how this is confusing... Guys usually say what they mean. We usually don't say one thing and mean another.


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