If nothing to hide, why do people hang up the phone so fast when the boyfriend/girlfriend walks in the room?

How come when after a fight or while in the middle of an argument the boyfriend will call someone but when I come back in the room or anywhere near where he is...if he is on the phone he will hang up quick, or change to one word answers?. If on a day that we don't have an argument he will stay on the phone and talk to "whoever" is on the other line. I think he is hiding something or am I paranoid since he has been found to be talking to other girls before and each time he got caught he says it is his mother.


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  • Maybe they just prefer to talk in private, doesn't mean they're hiding anything.

    • I'm sorry but if we are living together. What do they have to talk about that needs to be private when you are in a committed relationship? Sounds like a way to start a relationship with someone else to begin the cheating process.

    • I think you're taking the whole "share everything" idea too far.

    • No I'm not. I'm respecting the "in a committed relationship". In a committed relationship to ONE GIRL or ONE GUY. Not to call up the opposite gender and have a daily conversation with them that you would have with your significant other that you LIVE WITH. What's he have to hide that he needs to talk to another girl? He has no guy friends...but yet he has girl friends. Not happening here.

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  • Probably because he is tired of you overhearing half a conversation and then hear you using that half conversation against him later.

    Or maybe he is just getting pissed when you enter. After all you did have a fight.

    • Makes for a bigger fight when he changes to one word answers...or the person on the other end is really animated like a woman would get, and I hear them say "oh did your girlfriend just walk in the room, then I better let you go".

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    • Anyway. Going on the phone after a fight bitching about you to someone else is not very macho of him.

    • He does it to his mother ALL the time. I have no respect for her. When she comes in from out of state, I have no use for her after his calling mother episodes.

  • You fight with him almost everyday and are always on his case? I'm not saying he's cheating, but with such a messed up relationship there is no way he can feel fulfilled by you so I would not be surprised if he looked for it somewhere else.

    • No we don't fight daily...usually just when he is drunk. As I am sure he would argue with me if I was drunk. You know when I lost trust in him..."when amazingly a condom disappeared that he supposedly used to satisfy himself by masturbating." I don't believe that for one second.

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    • No the trust in him was gone before that or else you would not have been counting condoms to begin with...

    • If you are keeping tabs on the amount of condoms your man has, what phone numbers her has in his phone, what the content of his email looks like, or any other snooping then you don't trust him. Maybe you never trusted him...

  • He has probably been complaining to someone about you. The mother is a very likely target, since she will always side with her son over you.

    • Oh he does. But she wouldn't say "oh did your girlfriend just walk back in the room, then I better let you go." She has no respect for me so they bitch about me together on the phone and don't hide it one bit. Plus...she knows my name and would say "oh is (my name) back"

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  • Maybe he knows you're paranoid and wants to avoid a dramati fight of you accusing him of things.

    • There's no need for him to be talking to other girls when we are in a committed relationship, nor is there for I to talk to guys. We are LIVING TOGETHER. No need for this from him. Which him doing that in turn turns me off from sex with him.

    • You are paranoid and you have serious issues. It's unnattractive and it's even annoying ME just to be readin this! He needs to leave you for a girlfriend who is not so insecure and going to bitch and expect him to never speak to any female ever again now that you're in his life. What a pain in e ass

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