Girls, would you be with BUTCHER?

I know this question may sound funny.. it is serious.

I met nice guy, we went for 3 dates.. I started liking him . But I became to know that he works as a butcher .

I love animals ,i have 2 cats,dog and 2 hens.. animals are my friends.. and I wouldn't be able even to kill a small fish .

If I would ever enter slaughterhouse I would start crying .

And he does something related to killing animals.

Should I still date him?

and would it be stupid if I stop dating him only because he's a butcher?
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I was talking with him.. and yes he kills animals, not only deal with meat. He works in a farm ,and also kills animals.. what do you think now? am I still stupid now wanting date him?
Girls, would you be with BUTCHER?
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