Do people take text messaging too seriously nowadays?

So when your dating you think people take text messages too seriously? I think today it has become such a main form of communication. When back in the day it was all about phone calls, now seems like its all about texts. So what do you think?

Do you think society in general takes text messages too seriously when their dating someone? Do you get offended? Or worried if someone your dating doesn't text you back in a timely manner? Or sometimes not all?


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  • The problem with texting is that a lot of the message can get lost. The majority of communication is nonverbal, so right away, you're missing out on that; as well, when talking to someone, the inflection of their voice can tell you a lot too. That's why you will also see so many people using those emoticons in their messages, so that the intent of the messgae becomes a little clearer. Another minus to the texting phenomena, is the loss of spelling skills because of all the abbreviations being used.

    I have never texted and I don't intend to. I also think that young people today are placing way too much emphasis on texting for communicating. Just my opinion though and I'm technology-challenged.


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