I told her I loved her and she ran! is there any hope?

I really like this girl. I have known her for almost two years, she had a boyfriend in the past so she would just flirt with me and I was unavailable in the past as well. I started to have feelings for her after I had known her for about 5 months. I am a police officer and I would always stop in where she works and see her at night and we would flirt with each other. She went ridding with me one night and we talked and got along great but after that she seemed to back away so I backed away as well until eventually I didn't come around her anymore. She left her job for a new one and I didn't see her for about 6 months or so. Then she came back to work at the old job so I went to see her thinking we could rekindle our friendship. Well, I went to see her and we picked back up with our friendship.She did tell me that when I backed away from her that it hurt. We started flirting with each other again and she started telling me how sexy I looked and she would even make sexual comments to me. Her co workers also told me she was saying these things when I wasn't around. One night I went to see her and she asked if she could ride with me after work, so I said yes. Well we were riding around town and I drove down a long road with a corn field on one side and a creepy looking house on the side. She asked why I drove down there and I Jokingly said " this is a test, I drove here to where no one could see us so I could find out if you are serious with all the flirting and compliments you say to me" she said " OK , what is the test then?" I said kiss me. I didn't know she would do it. She leaned over and Gave me a great kiss that lasted for several seconds! She kissed me several more times when I draped her off at her car. She said she decided to kiss me several weeks back and was waiting for the opportunity. She rode with me after work several more times over the next two months and started to come to my office to see me and hang out as well. We even took several late night trips to walmart together just to hang out and be with each other. I was really starting to like her a lot. We would text each other all the time. She sent me several texts that said " I love you, and one text that said " I really do love you". Well one night we were texting each other and I told her that I loved her, and I told her why I loved her. She said " well, I appreciate you be honest instead of not telling me. Then she backed off from me quickly and I could tell something was wrong. When I asked her if we could talk about it she acted like she didn't want to. Four days later I asked her to meet me so we could talk and see if we could salvage our friendship and she agreed. We talked for about 30 min and the whole time she talked in circles. She said that she must have led me on but didn't do it intentionally. She did send me a few texts that said " I never said I didn't have any feelings for you". Its only been a few days now but I feel like I'm loosing her. Can anyone help?
I told her I loved her and she ran! is there any hope?
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