Girl used to like me, now she acts like she hates me?

Some girl used to like me but I never went for her. She'd act annoying but I caught on that she liked me. I never went for her, and she went for someone else eventually. I started going for other girls. Now the girl who used to like me is acting really nasty and vicious, and making personal attacks like she's trying to get back at me for something. Why is she acting like that? She has a boyfriend (who she seems like she really loves) so I'm not doing anything wrong dating and we never even dated in the first place.


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  • she still has feelings for u..or she feels stupid cause she found out that you found out she liked you and you didn't go for her.. tell her to build a bridge and get over it..ignore her...imagine if you did go out with her she would be worst when she gets mad..

  • She's mad that you didn't like her back. And instead of moving on with her life she's being immature about it. Just ignore her and her jealousy.


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