Girl in work all over me, now giving me the cold shoulder?

She is a co-worker whom I have known for just under 4 months. Up until about 3 weeks ago she was all over me like a rash. Constantly stopping at my desk to talk, staring at me when she thinks I'm not looking when passing by me. Asking me to lunch with her and her fellow team members, sitting very close to me/walking close to me during the occasions I would go.

The last conversation I had when I thought all the above still applied she was asking me to tag along for drinks after work, which I declined due other commitments that night (I did explain this to her and she seemed satisfied with my answer).

On the night (above) that I said I couldn't go I asked if she'd be going to the Christmas party the next week. She said she would be and I told her I would go to that. She then left for the evening.

I was off work for a about a week and returned the day of the Christmas party. She completely blanked me that day and at the party later. Since then it has been more of the same.

She doesn't stop to speak to me anymore, doesn't look at me and when I do try to engage her in conversation its just yes and no answers. Doesn't make eye contact with me when I speak to her and in general makes me feel like she hates me.

Just today I passed her and another colleague in the street at lunch and they acted like they didn't see me and looked the other way (I just know they did see me so this was quite embarrassing)

Now I need to come clean here, I have a long term girlfriend but the relationship has gone stale. I still love her, however I don't feel the same way I used to and want out. This is why up until now I didn't ask the girl from work out, I don't cheat.

I haven't met someone quite like my co-worker and I am, to be honest, really smitten and glum about how this has worked out because she has a smashing personality and we did get on great. My attraction to her hit me like a bolt from the blue.

Am sorry about how long winded the above is but I need to give the reader a clear under standing of my situation. Any advice is much appreciated.
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I have an update on the above. I found out somebody in work knows someone who knows someone (if you follow) that knew me years ago and has some BAD dirt on me. I can't prove anything but I'm certain this is the reason. What should I do?
Girl in work all over me, now giving me the cold shoulder?
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