Why does everyone hate me? am I a bad person?

why are so many people mean to me?

everywhere I go, people are extremely rude and give me attitude.

this is mostly from girls though.

i've always only had friends who were girls and not that many guy friends. mainly because I'm not really comfortable around guys. they make me nervous.

so my go to people for friendships have always been girls.

when I was in high school, I used to be the shy quiet kid and the girls used to be nice to me. and now that I'm in college, the majority of girls I run into are so mean to me.

i Haven't made a single friend since I started college. I'm in my second year now. its rare when a girl in my class actually tries to be nice to me though. and it has happened a couple of times but not often. its rare. but I don't think these people are my friends. if I see them I'll say hello and stop and chat but they're not my friends. just acquaintances I guess.

but lately I haven't been lucky enough for people to give my a chance like that. the girls in my classes like to cluster up in groups and I'm always excluded. I'm still the shy and quiet kid but now people are rude to me. and sometimes they give me dirty looks.

the girls who work at this coffeeshop I go to for my coffee sometimes are so mean too. they don't even know me but its always the same girls working when I go. and they always give me attitude. and I try to be my regular smiley self and still try to be nice to them and they don't care. they roll their eyes at me and sigh angrily when I come in. I don't see them doing that to anyone else.

and this isn't the only place I've went to where girls act that way. I can make a long list and this has happened. but I wont. this post is long enough.

the guys are very nice though. in my classes, for some reason, they come and sit in the area where I'm in. they'll ask a question or two sometimes but since we're not allowed to talk in our classes, we can't talk much. plus the fact that I don't know what to talk about with them. and also, guys give good customer service. they've always been nice.

so yeah. this makes me feel bad. like if I'm a terrible person. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm usually a smiley person and try to be nice to everyone. but the only ones who are nice to me are guys, older people, special ed people, kids, and animals.

my mom and my older sister would tell me that when they were younger girls didn't like them either. they'd give them dirty looks and they usually only got along with guys. they had many guy friends. but I'm the opposite. I've always had many girl friends and just a few guy friends. and now girls don't want to talk to me.

so I don't know. is this normal? am I finally facing reality? is this adulthood? or am I just a bitch? or could it be the way I look now? (my sister says my face doesn't look mean. it just looks like I'm a naive person. which I kind of am.)
Why does everyone hate me? am I a bad person?
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